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Here's What We Do

Netsolus is to your organization what a pit crew is to a NASCAR driver: we maintain your I.T. so you can drive your business. We help numerous small, medium and large businesses migrate to cloud, secure their networks, and deploy hardware arrangements that we design to meet industry-specific needs. Let us reduce your costs associated with I.T. and in tandem, improve the performance of your assets and personnel. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Data Center Services

Netsolus delivers quality colocation and data center services to the Kansas City region, maintaining a legacy of service since the year 2000. From 1u of unmanaged, shared rack space to 10 server racks in a secured cage with remote hands, the options are plenty. We can accomodate all of your present and future colocation needs in our award-winning data center.

Cloud + Virtualization

Need industry-recognized cloud management expertise? Look no further. Whether you want private, public (AWS, Azure, GCP) or hybrid cloud, the engineers at Netsolus will work with you to concoct a solution made perfect for your business. Turn on your fog lights; have Netsolus drive real value into your I.T. investments.

Managed Services Provider

We manage your I.T. infrastructure and enable you greater peace of mind. Netsolus' MSP package is $149 per employee. It includes a new computer, desk phone, Dropbox clone, anti-virus, intelligent patching, ISP management, backup and recovery, and 24-7-365 engineering support, among other services.

The Tailored Solution
From Concise to Comprehensive

Netsolus is more than just a provider. We concentrate on building and maintaining bespoke I.T. solutions that enhance productivity. Whatever your specific needs, Netsolus is your partner. We are here to grow with your business and help you get more out of your technology assets, and from our perspective, we thrive only if you succeed.

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Heartland IT + Colocation

Netsolus was founded in the middle of downtown Kansas City (Oak Towers) and has been flourishing for well over a decade. Specializing in Infrastructure as a Service, Netsolus provides everything from phones and printers to cloud services like (and in conjunction with) AWS and Azure.

Cloud Versus IaaS

As cloud services gain widespread adoption, companies like Amazon and Microsoft will lead you to believe that your business is lacking for not jumping on the bandwagon. In our experience, most I.T. needs are solved with a solid infrastructure. Discover how Netsolus can keep your I.T. systems grounded and your budget at a baseline.

Security Services

  • Eliminate outside risks
  • Faster net performance
  • Reduce HR internet risk
  • Reduce distractions
  • Eliminate outside risks
  • Faster net performance
  • Reduce HR internet risk
  • Reduce distractions
Improve employee performance while protecting your data. Contact us today to learn how Netsolus firewall and data protection services can help.

Our Data Center Pursuit

We built on converging hubs for electricity and fiber networks in Pheonix and Kansas City. This means our foundation is stable and cost-effective, which allows us to maintain our 2N design with tier IV reliability. Businesses seeking a way to lower their costs and utilize data center services will find complete flexibility at Netsolus: pricing, location(s), power, network connectivity, and storage options aplenty.

Data Centers

Our downtown Kansas City location is a Tier II data center with over 11,000 square feet of floor space. Oak Tower is one of the key fiber transit buildings for Kansas City. Originally built in 1920, the building once housed the AT&T central office for the entire Kansas City metro area. Today, this building is home to Verizon, Zayo, Cogent Communications and several other key transit and telecommunications infrastructure providers.

Oak Tower is currently operational and acts as our primary data center facility. This provides clients seeking lower price points an excellent continued solution from our data trust services.

IaaS - Make Your I.T. Work for You

With Netsolus' Infrastructure as a Service, we offer an entire I.T. suite at a competitive monthly price. Not only will your business receive a brand new infrastructure planned, deployed, and maintained from the ground up, but you will always have a team of professionals at your beck and call. Any minute of any day, call and Netsolus will answer.

Managed Services Provider

Find your complete IT solution here. Netsolus deploys and configures mobile or workstation PCs with the latest Microsoft Windows and Office products preinstalled, VOIP phones, and networking gear such as industry-leading firewalls, secure Wi-Fi access points, and switches. On the software side we enable a high-security productive working environment with the cutting-edge Zimbra suite for e-mail and collaboration, the privately-hosted Dropbox alternative, Nextcloud, and we take care of maintaining up-to-date antivirus and software patching for you.

Security and Data Protection

Whether you are located on a coast, in a rural town, or right here in the Heartland, your data is critical to the operation of your business. Netsolus knows how to protect your IT assets against threats. We are masters at mitigating DDoS attacks as well as providing a framework for rapid respooling of critical IT resources should your on-premises or otherwise cloud-hosted primary systems fail. We operate a SOC-II compliant data center, so naturally we know a thing or two about physical security, surveillance, and what it takes to manage a 24x7x365 secure location. When you migrate your hardware into the Netsolus data center, you are positioning your infrastructure behind multiple layers of security. Your data is worth more than gold and we treat it as such. Contact us to learn more on how to secure your IT resources against both natural and unnatural disasters.


Netsolus' suite of solutions ensures that your business' hardware and software is backed by the technology industry's leading manufacturers. The offerings range from licensed Microsoft Windows and Office 365 software, Fortinet firewalls and network security, and Veeam and Citrix virtual solutions to iXsystems flexible storage, Supermicro server solutions, and Intel NUC desktop PCs which operate silently at a pint size.

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